Friday, 4 January 2008


Well, I said that I would post pictures of my fabric girl once she was finished but didn't expect it to be quite this long. Particularly as she evolved into a Christmas present. She was completed and given on New Year's Eve. That's not too late, is it?

I have been feeling quite inadequate in the housewifely department after reading lots of blogs by women who had their whole house decorated Martha Stewart-style, gave handmade presents to their children's teachers and baked cookies every day. The only piece of Christmas decoration we had up was the lights out the front that never got taken down from last year. And we didn't even bother to turn them on. Slackers unite!

One element of Christmas I did enjoy, however, was the Tacky Christmas Yards blog. Oh so funny. Particuarly as I missed trawling the streets this year because we spent most of December in Japan, where the Christmas lights are all so damn tasteful.

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