Saturday, 5 January 2008

I heart ... toadstools

I have already come to realise that the "look what I made today" formula may become a little dull so I thought I'd introduce my own post theme, each time looking at a motif that I am particularly fond of. Today is toadstools. I only wish I'd taken some photos of the fungus sections in some of the larger food stores in Japan. They were amazing!

Toadstool fabric from Japan. I would also have a picture of the beautiful Japanese toadstool fabric currently on sale in Spotlight but I have already used all that I bought. Time for another trip...

Toadstool darning tool to help mend my holey tights.

From a little pencil case I picked up in a 100 Yen shop.

Gorgeous wool/linen shroom by little birds.

My very simple toadstools on bodysuits. Hmm. I really must learn to iron before I photograph. I definitely don't heart ironing, I'm afraid.

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