Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Today was the first time that I left Olive in childcare. It was only for one hour as an introduction but I knew that I would be a nervous wreck so I devised a cunning plan to distract myself - op shops! These are some of my finds:

Yummy old linens to turn into more baby change mats like this one.

Seventies Japanese plate.

Golden Books board book.

But how did Olive cope with being left in childcare?, you may be wondering. She had a ball. I was the only one of us who shed a tear.


Jelly Wares said...

I remember a couple of months back when I was in the same boat and left my little princess at day care for the first time.... I too was a nervous wreck, what a great idea to distract yourself with a bit of op-shopping!! I love all of the finds, especially the Jap plate.


Anonymous said...

I have the exact same green pillowcases..Savers in footscray by any chance???