Wednesday, 15 April 2009


This makes me happy :)
Sound of Music: belgian Train Station

unfortunately ...

I picked this game up from The Lark's blog. Just type "unfortunately, [your first name]" into Google (including the quotation marks) and see what comes up.

Unfortunately, Leona is not going to make it as a singer.

Unfortunately, Leona's uncompromising nature ultimately landed her a long-term stay at a federal facility.

Unfortunately, Leona is required to remain in Verdandi form when using this spell.

Unfortunately, Leona, ticked off many people in her lifetime; she was rather unkind to people.

Our elephant was a little greedy guts, and unfortunately Leona and I had forgotten to bring money to buy bananas for him.

So unfortunately, Leona always misses the office Christmas parties. But why does Leona have to do what her family tells her? Because she still lives at home ...

I can add a few of my own:

Unfortunately, Leona's 3-4 hourly breastfeeding regime with her newborn daughter means that she has plenty of time to browse other people's blogs but none to create anything to post about on her own, leaving her feeling decidedly craft-deficient.

Unfortunately, Leona was too short of time (and hands!) to take any photos when preparing for and participating in her two-year-old's birthday party. All I have is one photo of the cake:

It is supposed to be a teddy bear's picnic, in keeping with the theme of the party, which we held in a park. I decided to go for simple with the cake this year, after viewing all the disasters on the very funny Cake Wrecks blog and thinking about last year's mess.

It was supposed to be Wa Wa, the dog from Japanese kids show Inai Inai Ba. Check out his most famous song here - it's crazy fun!