Sunday, 2 March 2008

this is ... my inspiration board

Okay, I confess. I didn't do my homework this week. Because I don't have an inspiration board and I don't really want one - the only wall in my craft room is taken up by floor to ceiling shelves stuffed full of stash and my table looks onto this:

a window looking out into the back yard that provides ample distraction and inspiration.

A do have a visual diary though, which is where I keep pictures that inspire me along with my own doodles, experiments and ideas. So I some of the things that are in my visual diary but could just as easily be on an inspiration board include:
* ink drawings by Gottfried Helnwein. I love his large scale photographic portraits too.
* paper cutting by Rob Ryan and Cindy Ferguson
* vintage and retro wallpapers from designyourwall, johnny tapete, interior1900 and 5qm
* Japanese patterns from these books here and here

While we're on the topic of memes, I should mention that I was thinking of joining in on the Wedneday "On my desk" meme started by Kirstie of Kootoyoo but when I surveyed my desk with an objective eye I was horrified to realise that it is almost completely covered in unfinished projects. And while I agree with the Amitie crowd that it is perfectly okay to be working on a number of projects at once, I seem to have a strange aversion to the very final finishing stages. So if I want to find anything worthy of photographing on my desk, I'm going to have to do something about my UFOs. And I have already made a start! Witness:

skirt waiting only for bias binding to be added to the waist

completed skirt

bibs waiting for the snap fasteners to be attached

completed bibs ready to join their friends in my etsy site (although you may have noticed that I cheated with the photo - this is one I prepared earlier)

Watch this space to check on further progress (and give me a nudge if you don't see any).

Do you have lots of UFOs too? Which is your favourite part of a project: planning, starting, the meaty middle or finishing?

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Kyla said...

Im sure looking out the window and seeing everything in nature is inspiration enough. Have a great day