Sunday, 23 March 2008

this is ... my demon

Another tricky this is ... this week.

Being a non-smoking, teetotalling vegan who doesn't even consume caffeine, I don't have terribly many vices. I do eat rather too many fizzy lollies than I should but surely that's a small indulgence I can allow myself.

But I do have a sneaky little demon who pops out just when I don't want him to: I am shy. Not enough to ruin my life but certainly enough to stop me from reaching out when I could potentially be making a new friend and expanding my world. It was a big plunge for me to launch myself into blogland and even now that I am here, I am very nervous about the protocol for comments (is there one? what is it???) and have not taken enough opportunities to tell you all how much you entertain, encourage and inspire me. I truly do appreciate the time that you take to read my ramblings and really enjoy being able to take a peek into your worlds too.

While I don't think I'll ever conquer my demon, I can continue to try to ignore his voice and take steps to counteract his evil doings. So today I am changing my "blogs I visit" list to a list of "friendly blogs". If you are reading this - that means you! If you would like to be added to the list, just let me know and I will be able to visit you too.

[The beautiful Blythe image above is from Gina Garan's This is Blythe site.]


Sherrin said...

Hi! I wondered about the comments thing for ages too. Now I just comment if I see something I like, or if something strikes a chord- if you know what I mean. Just jump right in, I reckon. :o) I can be shy too, and it can be so restrictive... I really relate to your post.

Sharon said...

Hi! I have all the same worries, but I am always so excited to get a comment that I now leave them whenever anything makes me smile or, like Sherrin says, strikes a chord. I like the sound of your friendly list, would you add me and I'll add you to mine! See good things can come from being shy!

kitty's kaboodle said...

hello there!
That is a hard one. There is alot of nice ones out here in blogland. I was shy at first, but now I've even been brave enough to meet some in the flesh. I've met sherrin above and she is lovely. I think also if you comment somewhere, that person often comes and has a peek at your blog and leaves a comment to you so then it becomes conversation, a two way street.
Jump in!

Bird Bath said...

yes, I understand how you feel...but I have found that all those crafty ladies are super friendly too. I've become more confident with time.

Kyla said...

I never really thought about when to leave a comment or not. I leave them all the time, if I find something I like, a beautiful picture, an inspiring story, something that made me laugh and the list goes on. I have not ran into one not so nice person. So I think if you are comfortable then leave a comment.I know I love seeing what people have to say about my crazy weekend, or silly picture. :)
Oh and Have a super day, I have added you to my list of Friendly Blogs I love to visit...cheers

Anonymous said...

More people than you'd ever realise are shy, shy shy! I like shy people the best (I include me in there!) they are so much nicer especially here in blogland! It's always nice to recieve comments because when you are shy it's hard to ask others what they think. Well done for sharing.

Sarah C said...

I too worry about leaving comments .. as well as adding links to favourite blogs - I must say I went to bed feeling very special after seing my name in your links. Thanks for making my day!

Anonymous said...

thankyou for sharing.
being shy often means you are a good listener and a caring friend
thankyou again

Anonymous said...

oh thanks for putting me on your friendly list-I will put you on mine.And dont be shy, i thnk everyone loves to get messages, although I must admit I do get a little intimidated by those blogs that have 48 messages!!!