Sunday, 30 March 2008

this is ... the contents of my handbag

mobile (when I remember it)
That's all!

Actually, I don't even have a handbag. I just transfer the above three items from one bag to another depending on where I'm going and what I'm wearing. The bags are much more intersting than their contents:

A nappy bag made by my sister using Miffy fabric she bought in Japan.

A Shinzi Katoh tote that is big and sturdy enough to carry my TAFE supplies.

A homemade knitting bag with pockets just the right size for needles, scissors and measuring tape. I have been using this bag much more in recent days and hope to be able to show you the results in a couple of weeks.

My "turf bag", which I made from a square of fake grass that I found in Lincraft many years ago.

And many, many more ...

P.S. Sorry about the scarcity of photos today. Olive has decided once again that she won't sleep unless she's lying on top of me so my free time has been radically diminished. I know it's just a phase, but I'm hoping it won't last too long. And trying not to guiltily think that it's a sign she's become insecure since I went back to work :(


Kyla said...

You have very cute purses, the one your sister made is really great!
Cheers Kyla

Katy said...

Hello!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. I have been reading some of your old posts - I laughed and laughed when you talked about your white trash neighbours. I wish I could see them, her banging the car with a broom handle, him packing up his stuff...only to move on back again! Quality!

My handbag is full of junk and junk and more junk. It's awful, and makes me quite embarressed :(

Oh, and another thing - that little Olive looks good enough to eat. Beautiful little girl, beautiful name!

Bird Bath said...

Hey that turf bag is amazing. That cheeky Olive! My youngest has just learnt how to jump out her cot this week *sigh*

Sarah C said...

I love your turf bag it is very cool.
Miranda is outgrowing her sleeps :(
unless her dad is looking after her when I go out MMM!

one little acorn said...

Let me bow down to you! Only 4 items? Oh I should take a lesson or two! Love the turf bag by the way...

one little acorn said...

Oh no - there are only three items. I'm OK. Really. I just have to breathe slowly for a bit!

Betty Jo said...

I would very much like to see more of those grassy clever.If you get some more fake grass, you should make some to sell, cause I'd buy one!