Friday, 14 March 2008

this is ... looking out my front door

I am soooooo late with my this is ... post this week.

I had thought that I was coping well with the transition from full-time mum to still-breastfeeding-and-expressing mum who is also a part-time student and office worker, but it seems that I was operating on a knife-edge, easily thrown off balance by the slightest little thing. So when Olive had a cold and blogger refused to upload my photos, something had to give. I'm hoping you will forgive me ...

This is actually looking through my front door. We have a lovely set of double frech doors as the front door and two sets in the lounge room. Beautiful but not so practical, really. Beauty wins!

These are the Christmas decorations on the front porch I told you about that have been up since 2006!

Actually, the main view we have from our front door is of traffic. Lots and lots of traffic, all banked up and with nothing better to do than sit in their cars and look at us all weekend. I used to have terrible trouble trying to mow our buffalo grass with a hand mower (wearing a skirt, as always) because everyone seemed to feel the need to either honk or yell out comments and advice.

We have been known to do our own share of staring back out the front window though. Because there is also a bus stop at the front of our house and more than the average number of nutters. The most entertaining of all, though, were the white trash couple across the street. They seemed to save all of their arguments in the front yard. Like the night when we were woken by a "whack, whack" at 2am and looked out to see the woman hitting the guy's car with a broom stick. Or the day when the guy was locked out in the throes of an argument so he threw his shoe through the front window and climbed in that way. The next day he moved out and amused the movers greatly by insisting that they carry some of the larger funiture out through the window. Two days later he moved back in ...

Ah, I am such a gossip!


Anonymous said...

love the bubble shot. it is great.
Christmas lights are always cheery. I believe firmly in the right to display them all year round. (I only posted yesterday, so we are both late!)

Bird Bath said...

The bubble window made me curious...I thought it was a pool. Well it sounds like you have plenty of entertainment across the road. Our little cul-de-sac can get like that some times.