Sunday, 27 April 2008

this is ... my favourite book

It is always a difficult task to choose just one favourite. (Olive seems to have inherited my indecision. If we offer her more than one thing at a time she hesitates for the longest time, hand poised mid-air.)

I was a real book worm as a child and have gone through many favourites over the years but have lost any interest in fiction more recently. I can't quite see the point of making up a story when real life and the present are so much more important and compelling. So I knew that my curent favourite would be non-fiction - most likely art or craft - but to find out which, I had to go to the book shelves and see which one I most wanted to hold. And the winner?

The Taschen 25th anniversary edition of Hundertwasser by Harry Rand. I have blogged about Hundertwasser's architecture already but hadn't mentioned how much I love his paintings and prints too. All those beautiful colours and sinuous lines. Makes my toes wiggle with pleasure just to think about it.

"This is" meme brought to you by three buttons; this week's topic was by Dees of Daisy in La La Land.


CurlyPops said...

Wow, such pretty pictures in that book!

flossy-p said...

mmmm, this is a good'n.

I once made a painting inspired by his work, and once it was finished had to try to re-find the piece that had inspired me. I could never pronounce his name and tried to describe it to my teacher... but never found it again. The picture I painted was soon after destroyed in a fire.

one little acorn said...

What a beautiful book... and another to add to the "find next time at the library or bookshop" list. I love his work so thank-you for the introduction! Some of it looks familiar, but I would never have known his name.

Kyla said...

Wow, those pretty pictures would make my toes curl as well.

Maureen said...

Wow....such fabulous pictures. This would be a wonderful book to just fall into.