Saturday, 12 April 2008

This is ... my perfect dinner party guest list

Late again but at least I'm still trying!

Lily and Agathe wasthe source of this week's "this is ..." theme and it's a real doozy! I get to choose six people to invite to dinner. In reality, I think I would feel much more comfortable inviting established friends and family but that's probably not so interesting for you to read about so I shall have a crack at a rather more exotic list.

The number one thing I want at a dinner party is lots of laughs. Dear Mr Larry David, will you please attend? He would be sure to add some controversy to the evening's procedings too.

Next, the conversation needs some intelligence. And as I can choose absolutely anyone, why not also make it someone whose invention has changed many lives. There's an awful lot I'd like to talk about with Louis Braille.

Of course, I need someone to talk textiles with. How about Liza Dalby, author of Kimono and The Tale of Murasaki? I am seriously fascinated by the idea of having a different wardrobe for every two-week season throughout the year, or wearing seventeen layers of skirts all coloured to suggest a certain element in nature.

Now to make sure that everyone is happy, we need a caring, grandparenty-type person. What the hey, why not invite Santa Clause?

For our entertainment, a musician would do well. For something acoustic and an intriguing life story, I would like to invite Nick Drake.

Call me lazy, but my idea of a perfect dinner party does not include me cooking, so I'd better invite a vegan chef along as well. Miriam Kasin Hospodar, author of Heaven's Banquet, would be great not just for her cooking but also to explain a bit more about Ayurvedic cooking.

I've just realised that I've listed six of the qualities I value most. How interesting. Now to go see who everyone has chosen ...


Sharon said...

Hi!great guest list! I'd not heard of Liza Dalby before but I just followed your link and she sounds amazing!

Sherrin said...

haha! Santa would be great!! ;o)