Thursday, 1 May 2008

Flashback Friday

I love this image. The hussy on the left is my little sister, and I'm the bookworm on the right in the pink t-shirt and orange hawaiian print skirt. I'm pretty sure I chose my own outfit that day.

Update: After a call from my sister sounding somewhat small and sad, I think I should point out that she is not really a hussy and she quite possibly did not choose her own outfit that day. Certainly her undies were not showing on purpose. Sorry sweetie.


Love&Afros said...

I love this photo! I love the word hussy and when I was younger I always chose my own outfits. I'm talking orange skivvys, denim ra-ra skirts and rainbow gumboots.

Sarah C said...

This is a great photo. I think I have a photo of my brother and I on my dads car somewhere. I did not get to choose my clothing when I was younger but my mum had pretty good taste luckily.