Sunday, 20 April 2008

this is ... my latest discovery

My latest discovery was a rats nest in the back yard. On the one hand, I was horrified, but on the other, the four(!) rats that I saw scampering about were so cute! I'm not sure what to do about them yet. None of the humane traps I have found work and I can't cut off their food supply because they are stealing from the chickens, who still need to be fed. Any suggestions?

A more blog-friendly discovery of late was StumbleUpon. It randomly takes you to websites based on your interests and feedback that you give. And it actually works! So StumbleUpon has in turn led me to lots of interesting new discoveries. Like this cute hedgehog softie; 10,000 sheep; dirty car art - paintings made using the dust on car windows; and and amazingly intricate 3D papercutting by Peter Callesen.


Bird Bath said...

eek...I would have been freaked with that discovery! We had chickens a few years ago and someone told us that a rooster keeps mice/rats away. But we still had a lot of cats coming to eat the scraps. Maybe those lovely elephants your creating could get heavy with the rats.

Leni and Rose said...

Yucko, rats...the StumbleUpon looks interesting, I'm off to check it out now!

Maureen said...

Rats of any shape or size need to die quickly imho. A mongoose was the answer for rats and snakes in Thailand.

Stumbleupon is dangerous...I lost a week somewhere with it I think. ;-)mly