Friday, 23 May 2008

apron love

Yesterday there was a package waiting for me at the front door when I arrived home from work. "What have you been buying now?" I was asked. I plead innocence then thought about it. No, none of my purchases were expected yet. Then the brain cells started connecting and I remembered reading that some super-organised people participating in the sassy apron swap have sent their parcels already. Could it be?

Oh yes indeed, a beautiful package wrapped up in ric-rac and made especially for me. I was so excited I was literally jumping up and down.

And looky looky at what I got. A beautiful watermelon apron with matching tea towel, recipe card for watermelon lemonade and cocktail umbrellas to decorate the glasses. She even included the pattern used to make the apron. Thank you so much, Jodie - I truly feel spoiled!

[I find it ironic that the theme of the apron swap is "summer" yet I had trouble taking a decent photo because we are getting less and less daylight here at the moment. There was even ice on the car the last two mornings.]

I really like the look of the umbrellas all lind up.

Olive liked them too.

She wasn't so happy after I took them away, though. The poor dear has a fever and hives at the moment - this week's gift from childcare.

Now I really have to get moving and work on my own sassy apron to send off. Watch this space for progress report, hopefully very soon.


Two Peas In a Pod said...

You are so lucky. What a great swap. All the ric rak is beautiful and she even gave you the pattern, to boot. My hubby always asks me the same question...what did you buy now. It is nice to say nothing every once in a while :)
Cheers Kyla

Sarah C said...

WOW! Lonie I was admiring that lovely apron on the flickr group - Lucky you :) What a nice suprise to come home to.