Sunday, 17 February 2008

this is ... what makes me laugh out loud [difficult version]

A tricky topic for me. Because after daughter Millie died, I cried every day for more than a year. I kept a sense of humour, but it was a very dark, wry humour, and probably more than a little bit morbid. Which is where Curb Your Enthusiasm comes in.

In addition to finding him extremely funny, I appreciate the fact that Larry David is not afraid to broach the topic of death. Because, strange as it may seem, people don't generally want to talk about dead babies. And before you get scared away too, let me reassure you that I am heading to a better place. You see, after Olive was born I concentrated very hard on being CALM and CONTENTED. And most of the time I managed. But then I found Elsa Mora's blog and I was totally blown away by how much she FEELS. And I realised that her enthusiasm and excitement is only possible because she also allows herself to acknowledge those things in her life that are difficult or make her sad. So I let myself feel again. I cried for a week, then I got angry, and finally I am starting to feel a little more human. I am even excited(!!!) - and about tapestry, of all things :)
Thank you, Elsita.


Anonymous said...

wow, an amazing post.

thankyou for sharing.

Lonie said...

and thank you for reading :)