Wednesday, 6 February 2008


The figs are ripe. Which is great, except that the tree is yielding enough to fill a whole shopping bag each day. I have eaten them raw. I have made jam. I have made baby food. I have made fruit cobbler. I have given them away in ridiculous quantities and am considering putting up a "free figs" sign at the front of the house.
Does anyone out there know of a good use for figs?


one little acorn said...

I didn't know I liked figs until a few years ago. We have a large tree that reaches into our block from next door. They are a popular pick and the lower levels are grazed by all who pass it. The higher ones are generally taken by the bats and the birds. Very communal.
They are just perfect right now.
Sorry, apart from eating them fresh off the tree, I can't offer any suggestions.

Jelly Wares said...

You've used up all of my ideas for using up your figs... I guess you could make a hell of a big batch of jam up and sell it... Let me know how you get on with your yummy problem..