Sunday, 20 July 2008

this is ... what makes me happy

Warming up in front of the heater.

Collecting freshly laid eggs in the morning. I especially enjoy it when all of the chickens come out of their yard and follow me in a line.

Cooking with ingredients grown in our own back yard. And making a healthy meal for the people I love.

Being there when Olive does something for the first time.

Lining up books in height order.

A warm shower - my best thinking time.

A little bit of time to create.

I look for my happiness in the simple pleasures of everday life. As much as I can, I want to live in the moment and appreciate what I have. There is no point in always looking forward in anticipation of some imagined future happiness, or defining hapiness as something that only happens on special occassions. There is so much to appreciate every day.

Special thanks to Jacinta from One Little Acorn for her great topic this week.


one little acorn said...

Thanks for coming to say hi!
I love your list and your accompanying photos... the one of (I guess it is) Olive and the chickens is very cute. Lovely post. Happy Sunday!

Bird Bath said...

Your thoughts about living in the moment are lovely...stay happy:)

edee said...

Awesome blog posting!
thanks for the nice work!

Moiface said...

Great images!

danica said...

Aww, Olive is so gorgeous :) Great list too!