Wednesday, 23 July 2008

there's an elephant in my suitcase

Our trip to Europe is less tan two weeks away (yippee!) and I have been trying to think of ways to keep Olive entertained on the very long flights. So of course, I turned to my trusty sewing machine for help.

And made a drawstring bag using an old pillowcase. The idea is that she can put her toys in and out and in, etc.

It will hold some tiny board books, a squeaky bath toy, a ball, her favourite teddy (cookie monster) and a pencil. Got any other suggestions about how to keep a one-year-old occupied for many, many hours?

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Christie said...

We have travelled OS with 2 kids twice in the past 18 months & I have to say that we took a portable DVD player on both trips & it SAVED OUR LIVES!!! The kids were very happy to sit & watch playschool over & over.

Also if Olive still likes having a bottle make sure you have on with you!

I hope that helps!