Sunday, 15 June 2008

this is ... the space in which I create

I thought seriously about not participating in "this is ..." this week. I like Michelle's topic and will be doing the rounds to see how everyone else fared but when I looked into my craft room I was embarrassed, nay even ashamed of the mess that it has become. And I have promised myself that I will not sew or otherwise play in my craft room until all of my TAFE homework is done. Luckily the homework is reasonably fun (tapestry weaving and painting with gouache) and it is due in less than two weeks so I should survive. Just.

Anyway, rather than slinking quietly into a corner I thought I would expand the topic a little and show you some shots from my whole house. Because, after all (and much to my partner's frustration), my crafting rarely stays confined to its designated room. So here it is:

Double French doors (behind Beaker, who thinks it's all about him). We have three sets of French doors: two in the lounge room and one as the front door. They are beautiful but not very practical as they take up an awful lot of wall space and are probably not overly secure. But they're pretty.

Radiator on the bathroom wall. There are matching heaters in the kitchen and second bedroom. I'm not sure that they even work any more - I would never actually use them because they guzzle too much power. And yet I do like knowing that they're there.

Lino on the kitchen floor. We also have killer vintage lino in the second bedroom and the toilet.

I fell in love with our house from the moment I first saw it thanks to these features and more. It is a genuine 1940s time capsule with only one set of owners before us and almost no modifications. I didn't even show you the wood oven! The really sad thing is that it is sitting on a huge block so I know that when we sell it will get bulldozed to make way for two or three ugly new townhouses. There is even a proposal to turn our road into a six lane highway, which will spell forced acquisition of either the whole block or just the front yard, leaving trucks to whiz past just inches from our bedroom. We're not budging yet though. We must protect the picture rails, the ceiling roses and the extra-wide timber floorboards!


Lisa said...

Your home sounds like such a beautiful place. The lino is gorgeous as is the shade of green on the bathroom tiles.

I hope you can tell the man what to do with his six lane highway.

Leni & Rose said...

SIX lane highway? No way, thats just wrong. I really dislike when such lovely old homes are knocked down...such history lost forever. Stand strong!!!!

Jodie said...

Love your green wall ! I posted my mess for "this is", it might scare me into cleaning!

CurlyPops said...

Look at that's amazing! I love old houses with original features that no-one has ripped out or tried a 70's or 80's makeover on. They're just so hard to find though.

Betty Jo said...

Gorgeous lino, the whole house must be very lovely, but being obsessed with lino I'm just loving your bathroom floor.It makes me happy to find houses like yours!!!!!