Saturday, 28 June 2008

fencing patterns

Sorry about the unscheduled blog break. Quite simply, I wore myself out. I am just crawling back into action now.

Meanwhile, I have been nurturing a new obsession with pattern. It began with a book that my talented younger sister bought for me, Pattern Design by Lewis F. Day. (This link is highly recommended as it gives a very generous portion of the book in .pdf.)

First published in 1903, Pattern Design is almost worth reading for the language alone: "But in the very variety of demands made upon us there is some compensation for their unreasonableness."

So I started looking for patterns around me and found a lot that I like in fences, of all places.

But enough unnecessary chatter. It's time for some pictures!

1. PhoneCam Texture: Iron Fence Greek Design, 2. Curled up, 3. Follow, 4. iron fence, 5. fence 2, 6. patterned fence, 7. fence, 8. Fence, 9. Metal Grid 4, 10. Pattern, 11. Queensway fence, 12. Fenced in, 13. pattern, 14. Repeating Patterns, 15. red fence, 16. Don't fence me in, 17. Fence Patterns, 18. IMG_0331-800px.jpg, 19. Geometry, 20. fencepattern, 21. Fence Pattern, 22. Red fence, 23. Stockport-Mersey Fencing., 24. Chain Link Fence#1

Ah, Flickr. You never cease to make me happy.


Bird Bath said...

You've mad a great mosaic...oh the joys of flickr.(easy to get lost there for hours)

kate the great said...

Hi! I got the sassy apron and I love it! Thank you so much! And James loves the little rattle-he actually likes to set up his toys and then knock it over with it, but whatever. And the candy was quite tasty! Thank you so much! It was so fun