Sunday, 26 October 2008

this is ... something I'm surprised that I like


Or, more specifically, weeding the garden. The damn weeds and especially the buffalo grass grow so much more quickly than I have time to remove them. So I look at the garden and feel sad that it so out of control.

Yet, when I do get a chance, I realise that gardening is fun! Such a good way to unwind.

This week, I have started a new morning routine whereby Olive plays in her sandpit, the chickens come out of their coop for a bit of a scratch and I crawl around in the garden pulling out weeds. Bliss.


kelly said...

She is so beautiful. Sand pits are wonderful things.

Bird Bath said...

Sounds like a good routine you have going there. I find gardening very meditative - but very rarely get out there. Maybe I should build it into the routine too!