Tuesday, 27 November 2007

apple poos

I have a baby who doesn't sleep. Or rather, a baby who would prefer not to sleep and only does so when being transported or safely snuggled up to me. So while other mums are able to craft while their little ones sleep, I have just been crafting in my head. Oh so many creations swimming around up there.
This week, however, I have discovered that Olive will sleep in as late as 11am if her dad is there beside her. Plenty of crafting time for me and a good excuse for her dad to sleep in. Which means that I have this to show you - a waterproof(ish) playmat for nappy off time. It was christened with carrot and pumpkn poos just moments after the photo was taken and I am happy to report that the leakage was successfully contained by the thermal lined curtain layer and it washed and dried with ease, ready for tomorrow's escapades. It was also my first real attempt at a decorative homemade binding and I must say, I can see why some people get addicted.

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